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Ship Faster w/ Auto Package Weighing

5/14/20 11:51 AM / by Varsity Logistics

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Our thoughts go out to all the busy warehouses and distribution centers. Most of these essential businesses are going strong, but they all need to keep their essential workers equally strong and healthy. 

Physical distancing within the warehouse can be tricky, which is one reason companies like this automated way to get actual package weights for shipping without having to physically walk over to the scale. SpeedWeigh™

automatically sends the package weight from the shipping scale to Varsity ShipSoft when the order number is scanned. This eliminates the need for an additional get-weight barcode scan or manually entering the package weight.

To find the best rate for a package, you need to consider all of these factors:

  • Package weight
  • Package dimensions
  • Service type
  • Carrier rate and discount
  • Destination

ShipSoft combines the package weight provided by SpeedWeigh with destination, package dimensions, service type, and carrier rates to determine your actual shipment costs in the blink of an eye.

By using SpeedWeigh to eliminate the manual steps to scan or enter the package weight, companies improve accuracy and streamline the shipping process. Plus, when your essential warehouse workers don't have to move around as much, it keeps them safer. 

Varsity's SpeedWeigh also eliminates the need for a keyboard wedge - that contraption that connects the scanner to the keyboard for inputting the weight. The data is transferred automatically from SpeedWeigh into ShipSoft on your IBM i system.

Read more about SpeedWeigh or ShipSoft on our website, or contact Varsity to schedule a demo. We look forward to hearing how you are keeping your warehouse workers safe during this COVID crisis.


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