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Benefits of Integrating Your ERP with Shipping Software

4/8/22 5:36 PM / by Varsity Logistics

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Where's my order? Has it shipped yet? Your customer service likely hears or sees those questions dozens of times per day. They spend hours answering questions.

warehouse workers with computerWhat if you could cut that time in half or more? It would make not only your customers, but your customer service team happy, too. 

It's possible with ERP shipping.

ERP Integrated Solutions

Yes, there is shipping software that integrates with your ERP system. There's no more logging into a separate system or, even worse, needing multiple carrier systems to ship. Let's look at the multitude of benefits of ERP for shipping.

  • Shipping software integrated into your ERP allows you to manage your entire supply chain end to end
  • You see where the order is in transit
  • Customers get delivery confirmation (and so do you!)
  • All the ERP shipping information lives in your ERP system
  • You don't need to log into the carrier's system or contact them (huge timesaver)
  • Customers love knowing their package has arrived and awaits them on their doorstep


Small Package Shipping

Does your business ship a lot of small packages via USPS, UPS, FedEx or with other carriers? It's no problem for shipping software that integrates with your ERP. The right shipping software can single out the best carrier and price, produce the correct label for that carrier and give you all the documents you need.

Do you contract with certain carriers? Your shipping software can handle that, too, selecting the best transportation according to your business requirements. The shipping software alerts you to rate changes and any compliance issues.

There's no longer a need for Accounts Payable to ask the shipping department to spend hours auditing carrier invoices. Shipping audit is part of the shipping software package, an automated process to catch overpayments and duplicate invoices. You get assurance your shipping costs will be in alignment with expectations.

ERP for shipping can feature a pick and pack module to streamline your packing process at an item level. It produces the correct documents required by shippers, so your business avoids packing errors and shipping penalties. Because sending a customer the wrong item gives your business a bad rep, fast.

Are you manually entering the package weight? Shipping software include modules to capture the weight from the scale and automate entry. The weight links to the order number, so it improves accuracy along with reducing labor costs.


Freight Shipping

Do you deal with inbound and outbound freight or rail? Knowing where your goods are and when they'll arrive keeps your supply chain moving along effectively and efficiently.

Using one module that can handle LTL, truckload and rail works best. It automates choosing the best carrier and rates. Shipping software produce bills of lading, LTL labels and manifests - a tedious process that’s prone to error if completed manually.

Shipping software help optimize and automate loads for inbound and outbound shipments. Order consolidation of shipments can considerably reduce transportation costs.

Auditing freight invoices can be a nightmare for both Accounts Payable and the shipping department. Take the pain out by automating auditing and providing a detailed history of each shipment. It even provides for cost allocation, not an easy feat.


Data Analysis for Management

The benefits of ERP for shipping become crystal clear when you see the analytics available. In the past, data from multiple shipping sources was impossible to access and correlate. Keeping on top of shipping costs and performance was next to impossible.

ERP for shipping software keeps the data accessible and allows analysis. The software draws all the data together and reports it in a detailed format. Your ability to negotiate rates with carriers improves, as you can see which carriers are performing and which are not.

Having a handle on your transportation issues can result in huge improvement. Improving your supply chain can produce more significant revenue and efficiency. Knowing your transportation costs can lead to reducing them and choosing the best carriers.


ERP for Shipping Benefits

Let's do a round-up of all the many benefits we've outlined. Your customer service and your customers enjoy knowing exactly where shipments are and when they'll arrive. Your customer service focuses on retaining customers and providing value.

An ERP integrated solution allows clearer insight into all areas of your supply chain and ways to improve it. It's possible to contract with the best carriers for your business and handle rates to your advantage. The shipment auditing nightmare ends.

You no longer have to deal with 3rd party auditors or spend countless labor hours on in-house auditing. One of the best benefits is analyzing all your shipping data and using it to improve your shipping solutions.

Request a demo of Varsity's transportation management shipping software now to find out how we can help you streamline your shipping processes and reap the benefits of an integrated system. 


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