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IBM i users: Free EXPO pass to POWERUp, 9/14-17

9/9/20 5:50 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Varsity Logistics, events, IBM software

Technology folks at companies on the IBM i platform (including its earlier variations... we're looking at you AS/400 users) will gather next week for the 50th anniversary PowerUp meeting hosted by  This annual IRL event was postponed from April in Georgia to August in Florida and is now 100% virtual from Sept. 14-17, 2020.

Bookmarked by morning stretch yoga sessions and evening 

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Customer-Directed Charitable Contributions: The Results Are In!

8/10/20 4:30 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Varsity Logistics, Charity, Give Back, Customer Info, COVID-19, COVID

Varsity Logistics customers have spoken. After completing our annual survey, customers were given the opportunity to select a not-for-profit charity. Varsity is making a donation to each of the five charities selected by our customers.

The choices offered included the two most popular charities from

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Ship Faster w/ Auto Package Weighing

5/14/20 11:51 AM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Logistics Software, 3PL, Varsity Logistics, Shipping Software, Warehouse Software, TMS, data entry, Money Saving, tips, Safety, RF, COVID-19, parcel shipping, COVID

Our thoughts go out to all the busy warehouses and distribution centers. Most of these essential businesses are going strong, but they all need to keep their essential workers equally strong and healthy. 

Physical distancing within the warehouse can be tricky, which is one reason companies like this automated way to get actual package weights for shipping without having to physically walk over to the scale. SpeedWeigh™

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More Moving Parcels = More Costly Errors. Here's How to Save $$

4/13/20 6:49 AM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Varsity Logistics, Supply Chain, TMS, choosing software, Customer Info, Money Saving, tips, trends, Auditing, COVID-19, parcel shipping

Shipping has become the new normal. Everything from soap to socks, from pedometers to pet food are being delivered to COVID-19-imposed, quarantined consumers around the world. Companies are breaking open cases to deliver smaller quantities or enlisting 3PLs to do the piece-picking for them. The result is a huge increase in the number of parcels moving through the supply chain to residential addresses.

Yet, the increase in parcel shipping to residences means there are more errors on more invoices. More errors on invoices means you may be paying more than you should for shipping. What you can you? In this blog post,

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Links to Carrier Updates and Service Alerts During COVID-19

3/25/20 1:37 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Trucking and Transportation, Varsity Logistics, Customer Info, Partner, Industry News, COVID-19

As the COVID-19 virus spreads throughout the world, the shipping industry continues to play a vital role in distributing medical supplies, food, and daily necessities worldwide.

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Delivery Strained Amid COVID-19

3/19/20 1:37 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Trucking and Transportation, Supply Chain, Industry News, trends, Safety, Amazon

  • Amazon deliveries are overwhelmed amid the COVID-19 outbreak
  • The company announces it is hiring for 100,000 new positions
  • You can still order a swimsuit
  • Truckers told to keep their distance

Same-day, even two-day delivery not guaranteed Prime Now and Amazon Fresh are straining under the recent demand for delivery services. With entire cities being ordered to shelter in place, few consumers are venturing out to brick and mortar stores during the health crisis. Nor should they.

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Want to Save on Shipping? Ask These 7 Questions First

2/25/20 4:58 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Varsity Logistics, Shipping Software, Supply Chain, TMS, choosing software, Money Saving, tips

Rising transportation costs, capacity challenges, and ever-changing customer demands for faster and free deliveries make shipping one of the most critical and costly areas of the supply chain. It's no wonder companies are turning to software solutions to help reduce shipping costs. 

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68% More Female Truck Drivers than 2010

11/6/19 12:01 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Trucking and Transportation, Varsity Logistics, Shipping Software, TMS, IBM, Industry News, trends

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there are more females working as truck drivers than ever before.

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Reduce shipping errors and overcharges - auditing from Varsity

8/12/19 6:25 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in Varsity Logistics, Shipping Software, Money Saving, Auditing

If a customer’s ship-to address is incorrect, if your shipping department overlooks a less expensive option, or if a carrier overcharges, your shipping costs increase.  Regardless of the reason, catching errors has traditionally been an after-the-fact, if-I-have-time responsibility for employees who are already overloaded. Fortunately, today’s methods to audit shipping charges have improved significantly. If you’re not already keeping a watchful eye on your shipping invoices, here’s how to step up to more savings.

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Trucker Shortage in Mexico Impacts Shipments Cross-Border

7/12/19 1:33 PM / by Varsity Logistics posted in 3PL, Varsity Logistics, Shipping Software, Supply Chain, TMS, tips, Mexico


If you ship into or within Mexico, you may have to add some extra time to your promised-by dates.

That's because there are close to 50,000 drivers needed to fill open positions throughout Mexico per Enrique Gonzalez Munoz, president of the Mexico City-based

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