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UPS to Flatten the Curve (of Deliveries)

5/11/21 5:19 PM / by Varsity Logistics

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Supply Chain Dive reports that UPS will be adding weekend capacity, with up to 90% of US residential customers covered by October. This is intended to reduce "some of the lumpiness in the network in the middle of the week," according to Carol Tomé, UPS CEO, on the company's earnings call on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.Kitten flatten-1

Ms. Tomé said that adding deliveries on Sundays is also being planned by the carrier to further boost company productivity.

UPS measures productivity in packages per hour. Here at Varsity Logistics, one measure our customers look at is packages sent per day. If your company is shipping hundreds or thousands of packages a day, you are ready to invest in an automation system.

Software like Varsity's ShipSoft and Ship Optimizer will save your company time and money by doing the rate shopping across multiple carriers and packaging options, respectively. Then run our ShipAudit tool when your carrier invoices arrive to automatically ensure you were charged per your contract rates. If not, ShipAudit flags them and requests refunds from the carriers electronically.

Let's face it: Carrier surcharges have made parcel shipping increasingly expensive over the past year, with no end in sight. Now that we've all experienced the convenience of online shopping, not all consumers will revert to in-person shopping at pre-pandemic levels. We've been spoiled. That means it's up to your company to find ways to reduce your cost of shipping...or risk losing customers. 

Learn more about how Varsity Logistics transportation management system (TMS) shipping software can work with your WMS, OMS, and/or ERP on the IBM platform to reduce your parcel and LTL shipping costs and save you money. Contact Varsity today.

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